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Please note: If you are attending courses at PAUL, please park your bikes outside the yard on the street. We share the yard with others and respect their space. Thank you!


A contemporary dance course aimed at exploring intention in movement. Even our subconscious intentions can expand or destroy us. By bringing intention and attention to our movement patterns and tendencies we can manifest powerful changes within! Through various modern dance techniques and a full class from floor to choreography, we will bring awareness to our actions and direct our energy constructively. Learn to consciously guide your movement while increasing technique, strength and flexibility in the body. When energy is released with intent, it has the power to create change. Come change with us!

INSTRUCTOR:  Zahra Banzi

TIMES: Tuesdays - 20.00 - 21.30:  This class is taught in english!

LEVEL: This course is open to dancers of all levels.

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Vera teaches workshops in Contemporary Flamenco technique, methods and choreographies and her own approach to this new, exciting art form.  In the classroom we work on the special expressive qualities of Flamenco, its dynamics, its formal language, its musicality. We get to know our individual body in this dance style and work on a deep and independent understanding of the body. In this way, we strengthen the relationship to our own movement and sharpen the instinct for an efficient, effortless and pleasant technique method. We approach classical and Contemporary Flamenco dance techniques and creative methods for composition and improvisation on this basis and learn choreographies while exploring our performative possibilities in Flamenco.

INSTRUCTOR: Vera Köppern

LEVEL: The workshops are open to dancers of all levels!

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This class will begin by laying an anatomical-centric foundation which we will then apply to various dance techniques and compositional sequences. We are seeking a deep understanding of our body’s structure and with the awareness and embodiment of our deep musculature we will seek a soft and energetically open instrument and tune in for the improvisational second half of the course. With curiosity and openness for the unknown we will delve into the engagement of self and those around us. Through the use of concrete improvisational tools, we will eliminate the fear which can often accompany dance improvisation.

In Contemporary Playground we will focus on internal and external impulses, on awareness of space, time, forms and dynamics as we explore various movement qualities and their transformations; enriching creativity and individual expression.


LEVEL: This course is open to dancers of all levels!

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Note: When taking classes at PAUL we ask you to kindly park your bikes on the street outside of our lot. We share our lot with other businesses and therefore need to be respectful of their space. Thank you!




A class designed specifically for dancers and movers who want to explore further their technique and movement options. Taught without barres, this class loses the strict traditions surrounding the ballet class, aiming to provide a more inclusive space to explore the fabulous technique of ballet, and find how it can enrich your movement.
The class starts with a Pilates inspired floor barre, allowing you to draw your focus inwards to your body, as well as drawing attention to key areas of focus that will be used later in the class. This is followed by centre practice, where you will be guided through the different exercises, with discussion on how we produce the movements with great technique. This usually makes life easier for everyone! It is a small space and a small class - this lets me give all of my students plenty of attention and specific assistance when learning new movements, or fixing bad habits.  

Register: please send a message via fb or email (lucyfishermoves@gmail.com) so I can ensure the space is the right size for the number of dancers.
Price: sliding scale 10-15 euros per class
Dates: Thursdays - 20.00 - 22.00
Dress: clothes that are comfortable to move in, socks or ballet flats. 

About your instructor:
Lucy has danced ballet for 20+ years, and comes to class not just with her passion for ballet but also movement. Lucy trained as a physiotherapist, and now works as a Pilates instructor in Berlin. She has worked extensively with dancers and movers from beginner ballet students to professional contemporary dance artists, opera singers, actors and music theatre companies. She utilises her knowledge from dance science and pilates to teach with the body in mind and movement as medicine.


PAUL would like to give everyone the opportunity to move, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, we are launching a brand new Income-Based price system for our classes!
There are three different price brackets based on your income. The first price applies if your income is less than 700 Euros per month, the middle price applies if your income is less than 1000 Euros per month, and the last price applies if your income is more than 1000 Euros per month. Choose which price applies to you based on your income and then choose between our three different payment methods; Drop-In, 10 Class Card, or a Monthly payment with a contract.
This system is flexible and based on trust. You may change your price bracket whenever necessary and there is no need for proof of your finances. Please keep in mind that in order to offer these lower prices, we need a percentage of our students to pay at least our standard (middle) prices to balance out our costs.

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 A single trial lesson costs 7 Euro,  and you can try three different courses for 15 Euro!