Open Call: Oscillate

Dear fellow Dancers, Performers, Musicians…

We are very excited to launch PAUL’s first Open Call! We are looking for artists who would like to share a max 10 minute performance with us at PAUL Studios on April 9th as part of our new ongoing performance series! Regardless of whether you are a seasoned performer, or have never shown your work outside of singing in the shower, we are happy to hear from you! We are looking for short performances of any kind, from any discipline as long as they fit into our programs theme: Oscillate.

Oscillation is the cyclical back and forth between two things. We see this phenomenon in all aspects of the world around us, in the pendulum of a clock, in the firing of nerve cells in the brain, and in the vibrating strings of a musical instrument. Oscillation occurs due to changes in energy and the conversion from potential energy into kinetic energy. In artistic terms, oscillation can occur energetically, physically, can occur between two performers, or between two mediums, as well as between the audience and the performer(s).

To submit, please send us a description of your work along with supporting materials such as: pictures, film, recordings etc. depending on your discipline. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to send all forms of materials! Choose one or two! We just need to get an idea of what your work will be like.)

Send all materials to:

The deadline for submissions is: Monday, April 3rd

On Thursday, April 6th we will announce the participants.

Keep in mind that our selections are made based on the context of the performance and curating a well rounded and cohesive performance. If your work doesn’t fit into this round of Oscillate, it may be the perfect piece for the next time around!

We look forward to seeing/hearing/reading your submissions!