Fragile Matter

Dizzy Moon, Keegan Luttrell, Henna-Elise Ventovirta, Phyla

Installations, Performances and Music at PAUL STUDIOS

"FRAGILE MATTER" invites the public to embrace different spaces of vulnerability: exploring movement and sound spaces, fragility in interactions, and performative installations examining the vulnerability of the individual as a collective experience.
"FRAGILE MATTER" shows the following works in parallel on one evening:

Minimal improvisation - sound and moving improvisation
Minimal improvisation is a form of collective music and dance improvisation.
Minimal improvisation combines the characteristics of contemporary improvisation - individuality, spontaneity and freedom - with principles of minimal music such as reduction, repetition and gradual change.
By focusing on cooperation and the negotiation processes, we emphasize special qualities: mutual empathy, consensus, and the dynamics of collective interaction.
Within a process of gradual change, structures emerge, dissolve, or gain momentum, and move into a dynamic flow of events.

"Seamstress" is a performative installation that invites the audience to participate in a collaborative piece of clothing. "Seamstress" raises the question of what it means to be vulnerable and how this vulnerability can become a common experience.

Talk to me (AT)
Social experiment on reaction and vulnerability
What happens to us when we pass a fragile body, a broken human being? Do we look away because we can not bear His suffering or does the image of vulnerability require our compassion and our help? What happens to us when we turn to each other in public space? What beauty can be in it? "TALK TO ME" is a social experiment that explores the limits of human touchability.

Secrets under the banyan tree (concert, 6 pm)
A cello and a voice _ Dizzy Moon. In this extraordinary project the sound richness of the violoncello is combined with the clear and ethereal voice of the musician Maryse Guédon to an intimate and sensitive music. Elements from folk, indi and blues with predominantly English and some French lyrics are sensitively combined into a gentle unity.

Saturday, June 17 at 5 PM - 8 PM

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