Flamingo Inn

Friday, july 14, 7.30pm



Created & Interpreted By Rosanna Terracciano

We All Need To Say GOODBYE/ADIOS is a meditation on loss, an intimate experience shared between the solo performer
and each unique audience
It is a visual and movement-based interpretation of things that are lost, and things that are gained.
It is born from a deep investigation of an experimental approach to flamenco dance over the past decade and an
exploration into the intersection of Rosanna’s varied experiences in flamenco and contemporary dance and art practices.
It incorporates elements of live performance and dance on film, and is a visual play on objects used in the traditional
flamenco dance form, including peinetas (hair pieces) and abanicos (fans).

“We All Need To Say GOODBYE/ADIOS is intimate and full of quiet sorrow…the clear curves and
rhythms of [Rosanna’s] flamenco body communicate sorrow directly and viscerally in a way that only
dance can.”
— Dance International Magazine

P O L K A ( d o t s )
Created & Interpreted By Rosanna Terracciano

“My mom has always loved polka-dot flamenco dresses. My dad has always loved dancing the polka.”
Flamenco meets polka.
POLKA(dots) is a multi-coloured solo in collaboration with bata de cola and farolillos, aka long flamenco dress (one) and
paper patio lanterns from the annual Sevilla spring fair (many).
POLKA(dots) is a commentary on the act of celebrating, where dances and stories for polka-dots and polkas set the
stage for play and for remembering past moments of play.
POLKA(dots) is a highly visual and cinematic work.
POLKA(dots) enjoys audience interaction; it asks questions like: “Can you hold onto this string, please?”

“Terracciano’s dancing is stunning, breathtaking, sexy, captivating and addictive...her dancing tells a million stories and expresses a million emotions that the audience is dying to feel.”
— BeatRoute

The presentation of Rosanna Terracciano's works is made possible through the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Juan Carlos Lérida Workshop Showing

Juan Carlos Lerida is considered one of the forerunners of contemporary flamenco. He explores the flamenco artistically and didactically, freeing him from stereotypes and opening up space for a personal, unique access to flamenco.

With his highly acclaimed play 'Al Baile', the final work of his trilogy 'Al Toque' - 'Al Cante' - 'Al Baile', he is currently touring worldwide as a dancer, choreographer and lecturer. Having grown up with classical flamenco, he expanded his education by studying contemporary dance, physical theater and improvisation. He founded and curated the contemporary flamenco festival 'flamenco empirico' in Barcelona and further solidified his successful working and teaching method of the same name.

With his workshop, Juan Carlos Lerida offers an introduction to his unique approach to flamenco - a must for all those who want to expand their flamenco and explore a different side! Juan Carlos Leridas 'Flamenco Empirico Method' teaches a liberated, lustful and unconstrained approach to flamenco and creativity in flamenco. As a sensitive and experienced teacher, he teaches a guaranteed new way of working in flamenco technology and provides the tools to live his own ideas, concepts and competences in and through the flamenco. Juan Carlos shows his students the way to discover their own artistic expression in flamenco and to discover, explore, expand ones own 'universo flamenco'.

As the culmination of a weeklong workshop by Juan Carlos Lerida, participants will share their findings in the 'Flamenco Empirico Method'. 

Q & A with guest artists JUAN CARLOS LERIDA & ROSANNA TERRACCIANO to follow performances!

TICKETS: Sliding Scale 5,00-15,00€ (Get tickets at the door!)