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Once again we were overwhelmed and overjoyed with the amount of talented artists who sent us applications to perform at PAUL. In our fourth edition we are proud to present the works of five outstanding artists. This bi-monthly performance series invites performers of all disciplines and in all stages of their work to perform amidst our new WALL. We are so lucky to have these artists in our presence. Don't miss this inspiring evening! 

Doors Open: 19:30
Performance: 20:00
Donations: 8-10euro (Sliding Scale) at the door - Please reserve a spot beforehand by clicking the button below!

*TICKETS*: Due to large turnout we ask you to kindly reserve a spot by clicking on our EVENTBRITE link below. This way we won't sell out, and know how many guests to expect. THANK YOU!




Bricks cast with embedded audio electronics allow the ubiquitous building modules to function as sound objects when amplified. The performance will feature a selection of bricks from a system that is being developed to construct full-scale sonically sensitive architectural environments. Made from a range of materials—concrete, plaster, wax, and silicone—each brick expresses its unique sonic ontology when activated by a performer or stacked upon another, resulting in physical feedback.

Brad Nath is working between architectural design and sound art to develop techniques of space-making which are sensitive to the vibrations that occur at audible frequencies. Emerging from the belief that the architect is not only an organizer of space, but also of time, and that likewise the composer is not only an organizer of time, but also of space, he seeks to expand upon the built environment's temporal vocabulary through material research, performance, composition, installation, and built environments. Brad recently moved to Berlin from New York, where he completed a B.Arch thesis titled "Acoustectonics" with advisers from the Architecture and Music Departments at Cornell University.




MIMOWERK is a journey through multiple personas drawing a self-portrait. Always having had an obsessive pleasure in dressing up and acting out as different characters while being in my own environment: my room, I decided to use it as a starting point for research. My room felt like an experimental laboratory far from any fears. Perhaps I had spatial restrictions but certainly no boundaries when it came to dare to push unknown doors. My main tool of work was my video camera, I could analyse my self-image and behaviours by watching the videos made during my journey into defining my different personas. Punk culture has been essential throughout the process as it helped my awakening of my inside scream: ANGER. MIMOWERK is an inside scream loudly extracted to the outside, a confrontation, a manifestation, a denunciation, a call. 
'It makes me believe; it pushes me to experiment with myself and be louder and louder, bringing dreams and nightmares to a fantasy reality.'

Joséphine Auffray studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London (2015-2018) for the BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance. In 2017, as part of the Erasmus programme, Joséphine studied at Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen for several months. During her training, Joséphine has been performing works by Merce Cunningham, Alison Curtis Jones, Marina Collard, Heidi Rustgaard, Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche. Throughout this period, she has been able to experience collaborations with artists such as Ellen Van Schuylenburch, John Richards and Rodolfo Araya. By studing at Laban School, Joséphine achieved and collected choreographic tools, which pushed her to create already two of her own works; KLIMAX and MIMOWERK. Originally from France, Joséphine first studied in the Conservatoire de Nantes with intense ballet training along teachers such as Nathalie Quernet, Maurice Courchay and Marie-Elisabeth Demaille. Deeply attracted to contemporary values, she then followed in the same Conservatoire the contemporary dance Course along teachers such as Rodolfo Araya, Rosine Nadjard and Anne Carrié.




‘Chopsticks’ is born from a collaboration between the two Italian dancers Francesca Merolla and Giorgia Reitani and the Vietnamese choreographer Khai Ngoc Vu, during the year 2017-2018 in which they worked at the Tanzcompagnie Volkstheatre Rostock. The duet, 15 minutes long, uses movements to voice a desire of union. What does it mean to have a tradition in our society that perpetually forces us to move and start from zero somewhere else? How can we feel at home when the circumstances are hostile and hard? With this tumultuous lifestyle, Where/How do we find peace? Perhaps in the reminiscing of our culture, far away as it may be. Perhaps in a common fight. Or maybe we attempt to conjure up something completely new to draw us back towards that innocent and overflowing state of serenity and play that we experienced so strongly before we got conscious, growing more ravenous and blinded by every failed attempt. Our journey does not really give an answer but it can give us some calmness in the experience of union, collaboration and honesty with the other. When we put our hearts together as part of a unique body, the struggle is easier and the journey morphs into a pleasant succession of moments of freedom and belonging.

Between 2013-2016 Italian-born Giorgia Reitani studied at Iwanson International. After the education she worked for Hannes Härtl in the production ‘Bloodlines’, in Munich, Germany. Then she worked for two years at the Tanzcompagnie Volstheater Rostock, being part of different productions of Katja Taranu and the show ’The four seasons’ choreographed from Elias Lazaridis. She is dancing in the piece choreographed by Khai Ngoc Vu “Chopsticks” with Francesca Merolla.

In 2016, after her graduation at the Iwanson International, she started her apprenticeship at the ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble. She was then part of the Tanzcompagnie Volstheater Rostock, performing ‘The four seasons’ choreographed by Elias Lazaridis. She worked for Iván Pérez in the production ‘Island’ in Wrocalw, Poland and she is currently part of B’cause Dance Company in Warsaw. She is dancing in the piece choreographed by Khai Ngoc Vu “Chopsticks” with Giorgia Reitani.

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Buzzz Sok Zang Tsssiii HoOwm Dzing zzZZzzz Whaam iimOOzz Tjak Whoosh Slam Zonk Thunk ZooOom Ka-Blam Soohm Slurp Crash Poww 

Fictive magicians. Dragon Ball Z. Fantastic animals. 

When a child plays, he is sometimes taken by the desire of creating the sound effects of his own actions. And as he navigates blithely in his imaginary world that protects him from the gaze of others, the sounds naturally come out of his mouth. I play with reminiscences of that state to create a language for improvisation, this time fully exposed.

Camille Chapon / Jofe D'mahl, Artist based in Berlin.
Director and Host of the Cabaret for arts and mixed performances called "Carte Blanche".
Member of a performance trio called "Eternuer", together with Bruno Ducret and Tom Bouët.
Invested in pedagogy, teaching improvisation workshop for children and adults.
2014, Master of Fine Art, Ecole supérieure d’art et de design – ESAD-GV, France.
2017, Bachelor dance context and choreography, Hzt Berlin, Germany. 

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Great Circus of Failure combines approaches of contemporary music and dance, performance arts, new media art and reworks them in new circumstances. There are two main points for acting: enjoyment of art, equal to enjoyment of life, and the idea of personal memory, keeping unstable (quantum) state of the happening.

Great Circus of Failure was formed in spring 2018 by Petr Laden and Masha Fomenko. Masha has background in the field of game development and theory of interaction of computer gaming with spatial performative practices. Petr worked as video and performance artist and curator.