An Evening of Solo Works

Noemi Luz | Greta Salgado | Edegar Starke

 Friday, March 9th @ 20:00


Join us for our first installment of The Wall Series at PAUL Studios! We were overwhelmed and overjoyed with the amount of talented artists with interest in performing at PAUL. In this edition we are proud to present the works of three outstanding artists: Noemi Luz, Greta Salgado and Edegar Starke. This bi-monthly performance series invites performers of all disciplines and in all stages of their work to perform amidst our new WALL. All proceeds of The Wall Series will go towards covering the costs of the new wall which makes this performance series possible! We are so lucky to have these artists in our presence. Don't miss this delightful evening! 

Doors Open: 19:30

Performance: 20:00

Donations: 5-10euro (Sliding Scale)

The Ugly Truth

Choreography: Noemí Luz

Composer: José Tomé

Choreographic Advisor: Niurca Márquez

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

The Ugly Truth is a solo project that explores the boundaries between flamenco and dance theatre. Noemí first presented the work in progress at Seville Conservatoire's Semana Cultural in April 2016. She has performed the finished piece at Coetani Festival of Experimental Flamenco in Athens and as part of a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco curated by Canadian artist Rosanna Terracciano at the Cervantes Theatre in London.

The ocean has an extraordinary capacity to transform, purify and recycle. The Ugly Truth asks: Do human beings have the same capacity to recycle themselves? If our consumerist society is having such devastating effects on the planet’s environment then what are the physical, emotional and spiritual effects it is having on us as individuals? Might our endless dumping of rubbish be a reflection of our attitudes towards ourselves? And what cycles of transformation do we go through when we are confronted with ‘truth’ or when we try to hide from it?


Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Noemí Luz is a multidisciplinary artist who works with flamenco, dance theatre and visual arts. She trained classically at Elmhurst Ballet School and Central School of Ballet and also has an HNC Diploma in Fine Art from Kensington and Chelsea College. Noemí relocated to
Seville in 2007 where she specialized in traditional flamenco and bata de cola under the tutelage of her mentor Yolanda Heredia. Noemí co-founded award-winning dotdotdot dance company along with Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves. They most recently performed in Sadler’s Wells ‘Sampled’ festival in February 2017.


Choreography: Greta Salgado

Music: "Reptilian" by Converge

Choreographic Advisors: Silvia Ennis, Constanza Ruiz and Alena Shornikova

Photo: Martin Salgado

Photo: Martin Salgado

Aggressivity seems to be directly linked to violence and aggression, in the daily use of the term. At the same time that aggressivity is seen with a certain distance, respect or even fear, it is very intimate, because the expression and demonstration of it ́s existence in ourselves is at the same time a revelation of an inner dis-balance. Solving Torsion Alone aims to vindicate aggressivity's independent existence; it explores aggressivity as a mobilizing energy that works as an initiator for radiating movement from the inner and to the outside, without a concrete direction and purpose, that only in the moment it gets bundled up into one direction and towards a goal it turns into violence.
For the creation of Solving Torsion Alone Greta Salgado investigated together with the Aikido professional, Yannick Zechner, the concept of torsions. Also, she went into the cologne hardcoremusic scene attending to their concerts and speaking, listening to, observing and interacting with the musicians and followers. With a view on aggressivity as an inner energy that stands for itself without a further sense than the one of existing and reaching it ́s manifestation, this work searches to be a celebration of aggressivity digging into some of it ́s various physical and situational manifestations.

Greta Salgado

Photo: Martin Salgado

Photo: Martin Salgado

Greta Salgado Kudrass was born 1994 in La Coruña, Spain, and grew up in several countries in South-America. In 2013 she co-founded the Collective „Confundamiento“ in Ecuador, and joined the dance ensemble of the Teatro Nacional Sucre in Quito. In July 2017 she finished her contemporary dance studies in the University for Music and Dance in Cologne, where she worked with choreographers such as Anna Konjetsky, Shumpei Nemoto, Emmanuel Gat, and Rafaelle Giovanola. She is currently working on her own research. In february 2018 she performed the piece `Momentum X-Samples´ from Cocoondance at HAU  Berlin and beginning in March 2018 she will be creating in the frame of the Inkubator residency program at Tanzfaktur Cologne, and presenting her resulting work in September 2018.

The Childhood I Kept to Myself

Choreography: Edegar Starke

Sound: Edegar Starke

Costume: Riccieri Genaro

Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

"Looking back, the oppositions, the search of belonging and the sense of misfiting were always part of my daily life, wether I could have realized it consciously or not. Divided between getting the world’s acceptance and being honest and true to everything that I was, and that surrounded me, I found myself in plenty of spaces created by me to enable that existence."
The childhood I kept to myself; is a solo moving body project by Edegar Starke that investigates the multiplicity of the being. The piece intents to walk a path towards simplifying, towards understanding that our differences can inhabit the same body, the same world. Interested in the subtleties of the being and in its beautiful capability of exchanging, this research tries to have a kind approach to the constant metamorphosis we are in, so the sense of belonging can expand and reach more than just set groups or communities. It helps in gently listening to our bodies and tries to open a path towards relating other than excluding.


Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

Edegar Starke is a Brazilian born artist, currently based in Berlin. Graduated actor with a very strong physical background, he has developed a series of dance theatre projects in Brazil at public schools with children and teens of very difficult social and economical realities. He has been training butoh since 2013. In 2016 he started co-curating the Moving Bodies Butoh Festival together with Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, with whom he also currently collaborates and develops the project H.O.M.E (Human Organization of Multi-cultural Experiences) in the search and development of a multidisciplinary and intercultural platform for collaboration.