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| Darragh Mcgloughlin | Eric Wong & Siri Salminen |


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"Resonances" - Lola Lefèvre

“I will never forget those first instances. Often I only remembered the fist names of these men and women as though, subconsciously, I thought of them as my brothers and sisters. Their distress resonated in me; I thought I could share it, when in fact it was just an echo of my own distress. Absence, void, light. Perhaps just light”

Edouard, Macha, Nicolae, Joseph, Dillia, Valodia, Patrick, Alejandra, Denis, Lucie, Pierre, Davie, Piotr, Niolae, Cristian, Maria, Danielle, Josiane, Vasiliev, Olivier, Rolf, Jean Marc, Patricia, Marcel - Vibrating link in between us and the world, all these names resonate in me since the first moment I saw their faces. Sensible place where I allow myself to fall into, “Resonances” is a moment of sharing. A place where I allow myself to be fully vulnerable, a place where I can be. Call for light. For you Nicolae, and all the others. 



Lola Lefèvre

Lola Lefèvre is a French dancer and performer. After a high level training in Rhythmic gymnastic, she decided to turn to contemporary dance by passing her Choreographic Diploma in the CRR of Boulogne Billancourt (France), before joining in 2014, the professional school of contemporary dance SEAD in Salzburg (Austria). Under a very poetic artistic line, she combines dance and performance with romanticism, and is particularly interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.

"Boom Boom!" - Kazuma Motomura

Boom Boom! Is a direct reaction of body to the music. Which music? A complex super layered glitchy multi rhythm machine gun composed by musician and beat maker Zozo. How much of the beats and accents can the body catch, all the while reacting to audience and the space around the dancing body? 
Which body? Dance and performance maker Kazuma Glen Motomura tackles the music head on with his body physically composed of memories of dancing around the universe. 

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Kazuma Glen Motomura

Half Japanese, half South African. Dances a melange of contemporary and street/club styles. Finalist of Juste Debout 2018 World Championship battles in street dance and winner in the Experimental division in London.

“Stickman” - Darragh Mcgloughlin

Stickman works extensively with the concept of (re)framing: periodically shifting the conceptual /emotional setting of the work on order to continuously challenge the audiences interpretation of the piece. This is achieved primarily through use of linguistic framing, whereby a TV displays titles /sentences which dramatically shift the focus of what we see age experience. Stickman is more about the the moment of interpretation than what is being interpreted. 

The main content of the work is the result of two years of investigation into object balancing. Balance as a means to force the body into a perpetual state of motion. The body responds out of pure necessity, and through this begins to speak.


Darragh Mcgloughlin

Darragh was born in Ireland in 1987, son to two chefs. He has a degree in contemporary circus and performance at, yet these days is happy to just call himself a creator and performer without sticking to one genre or another. He is the artistic director of Squarehead Productions, and is currently based in Berlin. Stickman is his 3rd full length creation.

"Duo" - Eric Wong & Siri Salminen

The duo investigate and try to captivate moments with the guitar, movement, and percussive footwork in the manner of improvisation. Delicate and glittery yet with a touch of explosion and punk. The scrap is rolling in the wind.


Eric Wong

Born 1981 in Minneapolis, grew up in Hong Kong, studied psychology at the University of Minnesota, and subsequently audio production and engineering at the Institute of Production and Recording. He is a composer and sound artist, as well as a guitarist and computer musician. His main focus lies on sound textures, the perception of sound and spatial experience.

Siri Salminen

Born in 1987 in Stockholm. Graduated from the University College of Dance and Circus in Stockholm 2011 with specialisation in flamenco dance, and has since then worked with contemporary flamenco and dance pedagogics in different contexts, mostly in Sweden and Turkey and now also Germany. Her main interest lies in different aspects of absurdity and uningratiating qualities.