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Dear friends of PAUL, Artists & Art Lovers near and far,

You may have heard through the grapevine that we, PAUL Studios Berlin- a self funded, Artist run collective, have suffered extensive fire damage at the end of June and were forced to close our doors until our beloved space can be repaired. We are now turning to Berlin's lovely community of artists and art lovers to ask for your support in raising funds to help us through this time of recovery from the fire.

The afternoon of June 29th, we gathered at PAUL for one of our laboratory sessions. Within minutes of beginning the session our beloved PAUL began to fill with smoke. We evacuated the space and called the fire department right away.

We feel lucky to have been there and able to contact help quickly. However, sadly despite our best efforts, the fire department was not able to save our neighbors space - SOUNDS - which was destroyed completely by the fire. They have been such a supportive and amazing space to have nearby and we are so sorry they have to go through these challenging times.

Although our space did not catch fire itself, the fire still left quite a bit of damage in its wake, as we share a wall with SOUNDS. In saving our space from the fire, the firefighters had to open up the wall breaking several mirrors and causing damage to the ceiling and floors as well. We need to replace our sound system, curtains, soundproofing, and Marley floors. This is not to mention smoke & water damage throughout the space.

Due to the extensive damage to PAUL, we were forced to close our doors until the space can be repaired. We have had to turn away all of our regular renters, cancel our bi-monthly performance series, and our classes. This means we are not earning the income normally used to cover our basic running costs.

As many of you know, PAUL is a self-funded, Artist run collective, who's core initiative is to support the artistic community through affordable space rentals, performance opportunities, residencies, & support in artistic creation. We are now turning to this same beautiful community of artists and art lovers to ask for your help in raising funds to help us get through this hard time, and open PAUL's doors again!

Every little bit helps, and we are so grateful for anything you are able to contribute. If you are not able to donate funds, please help by sharing this with your friends and rich relatives! :)

Lots of Love & Hugs,

The PAUL Kollektiv
Vera, Jojo, Edegar & Zahra