Dear fellow Dancers, Performers, Musicians…

We are very excited for our second volume of The Wall Series at PAUL Studios Berlin! We had a packed audience and received excellent feedback from our first installment, and therefore will be continuing the series on a bi-monthly basis.

For Vol. 2, we are looking for artists who would like to present their work on Friday, May 18th. We are open to performers of all disciplines interested in sharing their pieces in an intimate venue. All performers will receive 5 hours of free rehearsal time at PAUL Studios Berlin prior to the performance.

Submitted performances must:

  • Be under 20 minutes in length

  • Require minimal tech (we are an intimate space with basic lighting etc.)

To Submit: Please send us a description of your work along with a youtube or vimeo link of the work you are submitting. (Applications without a working youtube or vimeo link will not be considered.)

Send All Materials To:

The Deadline For Submissions Is: Friday, April 20th

We look forward to seeing/hearing/reading your submissions!


Our first installment of The Wall Series was a huge success! We had a packed house, with a phenomenal audience and three unforgettable performances. Thank you to all who came out to witness, thank you to our hilarious host Ryan James, and of course, thank you to our amazing Artists Greta Salgado, Edegar Starke, and Noemi Luz. If you missed this months performance, don't worry there will be more where that came from. Join our mailing list to be the first to know about our next installment of our new bimonthly performance The Wall Series!


An Evening of Solo Works

Noemi Luz | Greta Salgado | Edegar Starke

 Friday, March 9th @ 20:00


Join us for our first installment of The Wall Series at PAUL Studios! We were overwhelmed and overjoyed with the amount of talented artists with interest in performing at PAUL. In this edition we are proud to present the works of three outstanding artists: Noemi Luz, Greta Salgado and Edegar Starke. This bi-monthly performance series invites performers of all disciplines and in all stages of their work to perform amidst our new WALL. All proceeds of The Wall Series will go towards covering the costs of the new wall which makes this performance series possible! We are so lucky to have these artists in our presence. Don't miss this delightful evening! 

Doors Open: 19:30

Performance: 20:00

Donations: 5-10euro (Sliding Scale)

The Ugly Truth

Choreography: Noemí Luz

Composer: José Tomé

Choreographic Advisor: Niurca Márquez

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

The Ugly Truth is a solo project that explores the boundaries between flamenco and dance theatre. Noemí first presented the work in progress at Seville Conservatoire's Semana Cultural in April 2016. She has performed the finished piece at Coetani Festival of Experimental Flamenco in Athens and as part of a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco curated by Canadian artist Rosanna Terracciano at the Cervantes Theatre in London.

The ocean has an extraordinary capacity to transform, purify and recycle. The Ugly Truth asks: Do human beings have the same capacity to recycle themselves? If our consumerist society is having such devastating effects on the planet’s environment then what are the physical, emotional and spiritual effects it is having on us as individuals? Might our endless dumping of rubbish be a reflection of our attitudes towards ourselves? And what cycles of transformation do we go through when we are confronted with ‘truth’ or when we try to hide from it?


Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Noemí Luz is a multidisciplinary artist who works with flamenco, dance theatre and visual arts. She trained classically at Elmhurst Ballet School and Central School of Ballet and also has an HNC Diploma in Fine Art from Kensington and Chelsea College. Noemí relocated to
Seville in 2007 where she specialized in traditional flamenco and bata de cola under the tutelage of her mentor Yolanda Heredia. Noemí co-founded award-winning dotdotdot dance company along with Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves. They most recently performed in Sadler’s Wells ‘Sampled’ festival in February 2017.


Choreography: Greta Salgado

Music: "Reptilian" by Converge

Choreographic Advisors: Silvia Ennis, Constanza Ruiz and Alena Shornikova

Photo: Martin Salgado

Photo: Martin Salgado

Aggressivity seems to be directly linked to violence and aggression, in the daily use of the term. At the same time that aggressivity is seen with a certain distance, respect or even fear, it is very intimate, because the expression and demonstration of it ́s existence in ourselves is at the same time a revelation of an inner dis-balance. Solving Torsion Alone aims to vindicate aggressivity's independent existence; it explores aggressivity as a mobilizing energy that works as an initiator for radiating movement from the inner and to the outside, without a concrete direction and purpose, that only in the moment it gets bundled up into one direction and towards a goal it turns into violence.
For the creation of Solving Torsion Alone Greta Salgado investigated together with the Aikido professional, Yannick Zechner, the concept of torsions. Also, she went into the cologne hardcoremusic scene attending to their concerts and speaking, listening to, observing and interacting with the musicians and followers. With a view on aggressivity as an inner energy that stands for itself without a further sense than the one of existing and reaching it ́s manifestation, this work searches to be a celebration of aggressivity digging into some of it ́s various physical and situational manifestations.

Greta Salgado

Photo: Martin Salgado

Photo: Martin Salgado

Greta Salgado Kudrass was born 1994 in La Coruña, Spain, and grew up in several countries in South-America. In 2013 she co-founded the Collective „Confundamiento“ in Ecuador, and joined the dance ensemble of the Teatro Nacional Sucre in Quito. In July 2017 she finished her contemporary dance studies in the University for Music and Dance in Cologne, where she worked with choreographers such as Anna Konjetsky, Shumpei Nemoto, Emmanuel Gat, and Rafaelle Giovanola. She is currently working on her own research. In february 2018 she performed the piece `Momentum X-Samples´ from Cocoondance at HAU  Berlin and beginning in March 2018 she will be creating in the frame of the Inkubator residency program at Tanzfaktur Cologne, and presenting her resulting work in September 2018.

The Childhood I Kept to Myself

Choreography: Edegar Starke

Sound: Edegar Starke

Costume: Riccieri Genaro

Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

"Looking back, the oppositions, the search of belonging and the sense of misfiting were always part of my daily life, wether I could have realized it consciously or not. Divided between getting the world’s acceptance and being honest and true to everything that I was, and that surrounded me, I found myself in plenty of spaces created by me to enable that existence."
The childhood I kept to myself; is a solo moving body project by Edegar Starke that investigates the multiplicity of the being. The piece intents to walk a path towards simplifying, towards understanding that our differences can inhabit the same body, the same world. Interested in the subtleties of the being and in its beautiful capability of exchanging, this research tries to have a kind approach to the constant metamorphosis we are in, so the sense of belonging can expand and reach more than just set groups or communities. It helps in gently listening to our bodies and tries to open a path towards relating other than excluding.


Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

Photo: Alessandro Sinyus

Edegar Starke is a Brazilian born artist, currently based in Berlin. Graduated actor with a very strong physical background, he has developed a series of dance theatre projects in Brazil at public schools with children and teens of very difficult social and economical realities. He has been training butoh since 2013. In 2016 he started co-curating the Moving Bodies Butoh Festival together with Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, with whom he also currently collaborates and develops the project H.O.M.E (Human Organization of Multi-cultural Experiences) in the search and development of a multidisciplinary and intercultural platform for collaboration.



Dear fellow Dancers, Performers, Musicians…

We are very excited to launch The Wall Series at PAUL Studios Berlin!  We are looking for artists who would like to perform a finished piece of work, or a work in progress on Friday, March 9th as part of our new ongoing performance series! We are open to performers of all disciplines interested in showing their work in an intimate venue. All performers will receive 5 hours of free rehearsal time at PAUL Studios prior to the performance.

To Submit: Please send us a description of your work along with supporting materials such as: pictures, film, recordings etc. depending on your discipline.

(Don’t worry, you don’t need to send all forms of materials. Choose one or two! We just need to get an idea of what your work will be like.)

Send All Materials To:

The Deadline For Submissions Is: Monday, February 5th

We look forward to seeing/hearing/reading your submissions!


We did it! We tore down the wall and built an amazing retractable wall in its place! Now we have much more space to move in our classes, performances, and rehearsals. The retractable wall gives us the option to open up our space when needed, and divide the space into two rooms for simultaneous rehearsals or trainings. We are so proud of the new PAUL and hope you can come see it soon!

Here are some photos of our process! Many thanks to the endlessly patient, generous, brainy, and strong Philipp! We definitely couldn't have done any of this without him!




Join us for a party to MAKE PAUL GREAT AGAIN! Through our fundraising we are going to TEAR DOWN THE WALL between our two studios at PAUL, and build a retractable wall in its place. This will allow us to have larger class sizes and more space to move while still having the option to use our studios seperately! As we prepare to tear down our wall, we will tear down our metephorical walls at the party through a series of fun HOW TO workshops held throughout the evening!

HOW TO: Slow Dance
HOW TO: Prevent Manspreading
HOW TO: Do Shit Yourself
HOW TO: Sing a Gender Neutral Folk Song
HOW TO: Sit, Stand, and Walk
HOW TO: Communicate Peacfully

Doors Open: 20:00
Workshops Begin: 20:30





Saturday, September 23rd 






Join us for a back to school party at PAUL studios Berlin!

Try a free class...or three, get a gift bag, and dance your way into fall with us!

19:00- Doors Open

20:00-20:20- Free Trial Class

with Zahra Banzi

20:30-20:50- Free Trial Class
with Jojo Hammer

21:00-21:20- Free Trial Class
with Vera Köppern

21:30-On- Music & dancing...PARTY TIME! 

*Bring comfortable clothes for dancing!



It was such a pleasure to have the inspiring performances of Naïma Ferré, Jessica Gaynor & Quentin Tolimieri at PAUL. Thank you to all who came out to see MOVEMENT + SOUND last week! Good art + good vibes always = good times!



Jessica Gaynor | Quentin Tolimieri |  Naïma Ferré

Saturday August 12th @19:30


Created and performed by: Jessica Gaynor & Quentin Tolimieri

New York Based, dancer/choreographer Jessica Gaynor and musician/composer Quentin Tolimieri present a work of freely improvised music and dance. This piece will explore the new kinds of formal structures and developments that become accessible when engaging in an improvised practice, when the various metaphors (of architecture, of storytelling, of countless others) that are inescapably linked to composed forms are dispensed with, in favor of something more unconceptualizable, subconscious and elemental.


Created and performed by: Naïma Ferré
Coached by: Robert Jan Liethoff

The roots of this solo lies on the entanglement of my experiences both as a contemporary dancer and as a life model. For more than 15 years, both of these activities have collaborated within me like a two-voiced song, supporting and ceaselessly completing each other.
In both practices, my focus lies on a constant search for honesty. I approach honesty as a place where physicality and emotions are aligned, working together, serving and enhancing one another. 
"There is a human-being on stage, a woman, dealing with being exposed: how "being seen" affects her, what happens to the posing or the moving body if we can't hide ourselves? What kind of movement is hidden behind the posing form? What forms come out of the movement? 
Which one from the movement or the pose serves more the process of "being transparent"?
Working within this context of posing, the performer's intent is to explore beyond this frame, seeking for the inner physical and emotional life and spirits of the poses in order to make it visible, looking for transparency of showing herself on stage on "all levels of her being": physical, emotional, mental...
From humanities to animalistic figures through living sculptures, this piece is an invitation to share her inner world."


Jessica Gaynor

Jessica Gaynor is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Gaynor's repertory has been set on students at Brown University, Grand Canyon University, the Fieldston School, the Brearley School and Young Dancemakers Company. She has taught workshops at Peridance Capezio Center and Gibney Dance Center, and was a guest choreographer for Amalgamate Dance Companies Artist Showcase. She earned a BA from Brown University, and an MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from California Institute of the Arts. Over the last decade, Gaynor has created sixteen works for her company, Jessica Gaynor Dance, including seven evening length pieces, and has performed at venues such as The Skirball Center/NYU, Jacob's Pillow Inside/Out, Danspace Project, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, The 92nd Street Y, The Kitchen, Peridance, Gowanus Art + Production, BAX, Dixon Place, Brown University, among others, and has been presented by Triskelion Arts for eight sold-out seasons, including an encore performance in 2011. Recent grants include a New Music/USA Commission, a Mertz Gilmore Late Stage Production Stipend and an Andrew W. Mellon Space Subsidy. Gaynor proudly serves as Secretary on Triskelion Arts' Board of Directors. 

Quentin Tolimieri

Quentin Tolimieri is a composer, pianist and improvisor. His work has been presented throughout Europe and North America at a variety of venues, including, most recently, Roulette and The Stone (NYC), Instants Chavires and La Chapelle (France) and The SPOR Festival for New Music and Sound Art (Denmark), which presented his long form (three hours in total) multi-channel electronic work Three Comedies in its entirety. His music is included on the album West Coast Soundings (Wandelweiser Records) which has been listed as one of the top ten modern classical albums of 2014 by the Wire Magazine.. As an improvisor he has recorded on the labels pfMENTUM and Creative Sources. A section of eldritch Priest's Boring Formless Nonsense, Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure (Bloomsbury Academic) is devoted to a lengthy discussion of his work Josef, Lieber Josef Mein. He holds an MA in composition from The University of Southampton (UK) and a BFA in composition and piano from California Institute of the Arts. He lives in New York City, and works as a freelance pianist.

Naïma Ferré

As a contemporary dancer and performer based in Berlin, Naïma Ferré focuses on exploring the relationship between body and mind. Mostly through solo dance improvisation – largely influenced by the work of Rosalind Crisp, Naïma also pushes the limits of this exploration through her life model activity – particularly in her organisation of the « Carte blanche für das Modell » evenings – and looks for new spaces within this relationship through whirling – dervish dance.

She works in several performance-installation like Akt by Judith Hummel (Munich, 2013-15), Fluids by Alexandra Pirici (Berlin, 2015) and re-perfomed Luminosity by Marina Abramovic and Mirrorcheck by Joan Jonas in the frame of 12 Rooms (Festival Ruhr Triennale, Essen, 2012) and 14 Rooms (Art Basel, 2014).

As a dancer she works with Isabelle Schad for the projects Volkstanzen Heute, Collective Jumps and Pieces and elements (Berlin, Poznan,… 2014-2017) and Turning Solo (Berlin, 2017), and develops her own solo Peau’rosität (2015).

Thank you to all who came to see FLAMINGO INN! Many thanks to our workshop participants for their inspiring performances and to the ever fabulous JUAN CARLOS LÉRIDA & ROSANNA TERRACCIANO!

Flamingo Inn

Friday, july 14, 7.30pm



Created & Interpreted By Rosanna Terracciano

We All Need To Say GOODBYE/ADIOS is a meditation on loss, an intimate experience shared between the solo performer
and each unique audience
It is a visual and movement-based interpretation of things that are lost, and things that are gained.
It is born from a deep investigation of an experimental approach to flamenco dance over the past decade and an
exploration into the intersection of Rosanna’s varied experiences in flamenco and contemporary dance and art practices.
It incorporates elements of live performance and dance on film, and is a visual play on objects used in the traditional
flamenco dance form, including peinetas (hair pieces) and abanicos (fans).

“We All Need To Say GOODBYE/ADIOS is intimate and full of quiet sorrow…the clear curves and
rhythms of [Rosanna’s] flamenco body communicate sorrow directly and viscerally in a way that only
dance can.”
— Dance International Magazine

P O L K A ( d o t s )
Created & Interpreted By Rosanna Terracciano

“My mom has always loved polka-dot flamenco dresses. My dad has always loved dancing the polka.”
Flamenco meets polka.
POLKA(dots) is a multi-coloured solo in collaboration with bata de cola and farolillos, aka long flamenco dress (one) and
paper patio lanterns from the annual Sevilla spring fair (many).
POLKA(dots) is a commentary on the act of celebrating, where dances and stories for polka-dots and polkas set the
stage for play and for remembering past moments of play.
POLKA(dots) is a highly visual and cinematic work.
POLKA(dots) enjoys audience interaction; it asks questions like: “Can you hold onto this string, please?”

“Terracciano’s dancing is stunning, breathtaking, sexy, captivating and addictive...her dancing tells a million stories and expresses a million emotions that the audience is dying to feel.”
— BeatRoute

The presentation of Rosanna Terracciano's works is made possible through the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Juan Carlos Lérida Workshop Showing

Juan Carlos Lerida is considered one of the forerunners of contemporary flamenco. He explores the flamenco artistically and didactically, freeing him from stereotypes and opening up space for a personal, unique access to flamenco.

With his highly acclaimed play 'Al Baile', the final work of his trilogy 'Al Toque' - 'Al Cante' - 'Al Baile', he is currently touring worldwide as a dancer, choreographer and lecturer. Having grown up with classical flamenco, he expanded his education by studying contemporary dance, physical theater and improvisation. He founded and curated the contemporary flamenco festival 'flamenco empirico' in Barcelona and further solidified his successful working and teaching method of the same name.

With his workshop, Juan Carlos Lerida offers an introduction to his unique approach to flamenco - a must for all those who want to expand their flamenco and explore a different side! Juan Carlos Leridas 'Flamenco Empirico Method' teaches a liberated, lustful and unconstrained approach to flamenco and creativity in flamenco. As a sensitive and experienced teacher, he teaches a guaranteed new way of working in flamenco technology and provides the tools to live his own ideas, concepts and competences in and through the flamenco. Juan Carlos shows his students the way to discover their own artistic expression in flamenco and to discover, explore, expand ones own 'universo flamenco'.

As the culmination of a weeklong workshop by Juan Carlos Lerida, participants will share their findings in the 'Flamenco Empirico Method'. 

Q & A with guest artists JUAN CARLOS LERIDA & ROSANNA TERRACCIANO to follow performances!

TICKETS: Sliding Scale 5,00-15,00€ (Get tickets at the door!)


Our performances of FRAGILE TEXTURE & FRAGILE MATTER as part of The Berlin Performing Arts Festival were a great success! Thank you to all who came out to witness!

Fragile Matter

Dizzy Moon, Keegan Luttrell, Henna-Elise Ventovirta, Phyla

Installations, Performances and Music at PAUL STUDIOS

"FRAGILE MATTER" invites the public to embrace different spaces of vulnerability: exploring movement and sound spaces, fragility in interactions, and performative installations examining the vulnerability of the individual as a collective experience.
"FRAGILE MATTER" shows the following works in parallel on one evening:

Minimal improvisation - sound and moving improvisation
Minimal improvisation is a form of collective music and dance improvisation.
Minimal improvisation combines the characteristics of contemporary improvisation - individuality, spontaneity and freedom - with principles of minimal music such as reduction, repetition and gradual change.
By focusing on cooperation and the negotiation processes, we emphasize special qualities: mutual empathy, consensus, and the dynamics of collective interaction.
Within a process of gradual change, structures emerge, dissolve, or gain momentum, and move into a dynamic flow of events.

"Seamstress" is a performative installation that invites the audience to participate in a collaborative piece of clothing. "Seamstress" raises the question of what it means to be vulnerable and how this vulnerability can become a common experience.

Talk to me (AT)
Social experiment on reaction and vulnerability
What happens to us when we pass a fragile body, a broken human being? Do we look away because we can not bear His suffering or does the image of vulnerability require our compassion and our help? What happens to us when we turn to each other in public space? What beauty can be in it? "TALK TO ME" is a social experiment that explores the limits of human touchability.

Secrets under the banyan tree (concert, 6 pm)
A cello and a voice _ Dizzy Moon. In this extraordinary project the sound richness of the violoncello is combined with the clear and ethereal voice of the musician Maryse Guédon to an intimate and sensitive music. Elements from folk, indi and blues with predominantly English and some French lyrics are sensitively combined into a gentle unity.

Saturday, June 17 at 5 PM - 8 PM

Get tickets here:

Fragile Texture

PAUL Collective: Zahra Banzi, Jojo Hammer, Vera Koeppern & friends

What does a fragile body look like? How does it move? How does it communicate? What is the texture, the materiality, between vulnerable bodies?
The artists of  PAUL Collective & friends examine these questions in the context of varying dance and performance approaches. Each contribution is an artistically individual interpretation of fragility. The audience is led to various spaces for viewings of contemporary dance, contemporary flamenco and performance.

Friday, June 16 at 5 PM - 8 PM

Get tickets here:

Open Call: Oscillate

Dear fellow Dancers, Performers, Musicians…

We are very excited to launch PAUL’s first Open Call! We are looking for artists who would like to share a max 10 minute performance with us at PAUL Studios on April 9th as part of our new ongoing performance series! Regardless of whether you are a seasoned performer, or have never shown your work outside of singing in the shower, we are happy to hear from you! We are looking for short performances of any kind, from any discipline as long as they fit into our programs theme: Oscillate.

Oscillation is the cyclical back and forth between two things. We see this phenomenon in all aspects of the world around us, in the pendulum of a clock, in the firing of nerve cells in the brain, and in the vibrating strings of a musical instrument. Oscillation occurs due to changes in energy and the conversion from potential energy into kinetic energy. In artistic terms, oscillation can occur energetically, physically, can occur between two performers, or between two mediums, as well as between the audience and the performer(s).

To submit, please send us a description of your work along with supporting materials such as: pictures, film, recordings etc. depending on your discipline. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to send all forms of materials! Choose one or two! We just need to get an idea of what your work will be like.)

Send all materials to:

The deadline for submissions is: Monday, April 3rd

On Thursday, April 6th we will announce the participants.

Keep in mind that our selections are made based on the context of the performance and curating a well rounded and cohesive performance. If your work doesn’t fit into this round of Oscillate, it may be the perfect piece for the next time around!

We look forward to seeing/hearing/reading your submissions!



Did you know that PAUL Studios is now a Collective? Vera, Elena, Zahra and Jojo now collectively run PAUL without hierarchies and strive to make PAUL a place for artistic exchange, collaboration and community. We are very excited for the new PAUL, and are throwing a party to celebrate! Join us for a fun, art-filled evening!