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PAUL would like to give everyone the opportunity to move, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, we are launching a brand new Income-Based price system for our classes!
There are three different price brackets based on your income. The first price applies if your income is less than 700 Euros per month, the middle price applies if your income is less than 1000 Euros per month, and the last price applies if your income is more than 1000 Euros per month. Choose which price applies to you based on your income and then choose between our three different payment methods; Drop-In, 10 Class Card, or a Monthly payment with a contract.
This system is flexible and based on trust. You may change your price bracket whenever necessary and there is no need for proof of your finances. Please keep in mind that in order to offer these lower prices, we need a percentage of our students to pay at least our standard (middle) prices to balance out our costs.


A single trial lesson costs 7 Euro,  and you can try three different courses for 15 Euro!