ALBERTO CORTés - Sanctify The Parties


Party means collective celebration, the primacy of the public over the private.
It is the sacrifice of the private for the sake of the public. An act of transgression where certain
institutions must be discredited in order to sanctify the collective order.
— Enrique Gil Calvo

SANCTIFY THE PARTIES is a workshop approaching the concepts of tradition and festivity from a contemporary perspective.Impurity, remix and audiovisual narrative will be recurrent concepts, along with onstage audiovisual codes concerning the body. We will also address different ways of approaching folklore as an act of rebellion (post-folklore) and of participating in a collective celebration of electronic party. The concept of purity in different artistic spheres such as flamenco will be discussed. The objective is to reach the State of Partying, a state able to free our body and pull us away from fear.


The work "State of Partying" written by the sociologist Enrique Gil Calvo is a cornerstone of our methodology, especially in his conception of party as a public, collective and liberating entity, which coincides with our lines of research. Several excerpts from his work will be analysed and discussed.


The last day will consist of a public showing on stage drawing on the tools gained through the process of the workshop.


COURSE HOURS: May 17th and 18th, 10:00-15:00

PRICE: 70 €



VERA Köppern - Musicality & Space



In this workshop we will delve into musicality through body and footwork while exploring the concepts of space-time-sound. One focus of the course is technique in order to 'tune our instrument', another point of focus is improvisation. We play with music of different disciplines and use silence as a point of departure. This workshop is open to all levels!

COURSE HOURS: April 7th and 8th, each 11 to 1.30

PRICE: 75/ 80/ 85 €


Noemi Luz - The Body as an instrument


An introduction to the concept of the body as a musical instrument in space, for performance artists and dancers of all disciplines.
This two day course (2 sessions of 2 hours),  will delve into rhythms and movement qualities within the moving body with a focus on grounding and exploring movement dynamics  through tension and release. By approaching the exceptional movement qualities underlying flamenco, we will use flamenco dance as a gateway to deeper grounding and investigating new dynamics of the body in space and time. As we investigate the idea of the dancer as a musician and the deep musicality intrinsic in flamenco, participants will be encouraged to connect on a deeper level with the rhythm and pulse of their bodies,  sitting into it in a grounded and connected way as opposed to sailing above it. Dancers and Performers of all disciplines are encouraged to attend this workshop to explore new movement vocabularies and musicalities for their practice. 


Noemí Luz is a multidisciplinary artist who works with flamenco, contemporary dance and visual arts. She trained classically at Elmhurst Ballet School and Central School of Ballet and also has an HNC Diploma in Fine Art. Noemí relocated to Seville in 2007 where she specialized in traditional flamenco and bata de cola under the tutelage of her mentor Yolanda Heredia. She has performed in venues such as Tablao Arenal, Casa de la Guitarra, Peña la Perla de Cadiz and Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. She has also collaborated with Yolanda Heredia on bata de cola masterclasses in Seville.

In 2014 Noemí formed part of an artistic residency in Florida run by choreographer Niurca Márquez. She also co-founded award-winning dotdotdot dance company along with Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves. They most recently performed in Sadler’s Wells ‘Sampled’ festival in February 2017 and are currently developing a triple bill of work titled ‘In Body’.

Noemí premiered her solo work ‘The Ugly Truth’, a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé in London at the Cervantes Theatre in 2017 and has also performed the work at Coetani Festival of Experimental Flamenco in Athens. She is currently working on a new project called ‘Silver Thread’ which addresses the fragile nature of memory and the issues faced by those affected by dementia. This is a collaboration with spoken word artist Toni Stuart and sound designer José Tomé.

COURSE HOURS: Saturday 10.03.2018 & Sunday 11.03.2018  From 13:00-15:00

PRICE: 70Euro


or call: 0176 84743115 (Vera Köppern), 0151 59247665 (Jojo Hammer)


Ania WItkowska - Somatic Study Group for Professionals 


An opportunity for body and mind focused Therapists, Educators and Heilpraktiker to enrich their current practice by developing their embodied presence. Working experientially with the principles of Body Mind Centering® and Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy the sessions will support you to reflect on and resource your work.
The process of Somatic Movement Education starts with the body, using, awareness, touch, image, anatomy and metaphor in order to bring sensation into consciousness and support a deep connection of body to mind. 
This professional development programme begins with four, once weekly meetings in which we will work experientially to explore:

• our individual body system awareness and connection - where is our strength, which  
systems are less known, less accessible to us. 
• selected embryological development processes and developmental movement patterns.
• transitions, which tissues can support us in moving from listening to giving. 
• touch, perception and intention

Sessions will include sensing, movement, experiential anatomy, time to process, reflect and discuss specific applications, the similarities and differences between our disciplines. 

Sessions will be supported by reading materials, images and references and will be conducted in English - with a good understanding of German so if you are less confident to express yourself in English we can discuss and feedback in German. 

The group will meet four times in 2017, 

Course Hours: Monday mornings 10.15-13.15 on 20th and 27th November, 4th and 11th December

Price: for 2017 Study Group series is 125€ (4 x 3 hours). Our subsequent sessions will be priced at 35€ per person, per session, dates to be confirmed. 

This will be a closed, confidential group with a minimum of 6, maximum 10 participants. 
Booking closes on Sunday November 12th. 

Registration: Book your place by email-




Juan Carlos Lerida is considered one of the forerunners of contemporary flamenco. He explores the flamenco artistically and didactically, freeing him from stereotypes and opening up space for a personal, unique access to flamenco.

With his highly acclaimed play 'Al Baile', the final work of his trilogy 'Al Toque' - 'Al Cante' - 'Al Baile', he is currently touring worldwide as a dancer, choreographer and lecturer. Having grown up with classical flamenco, he expanded his education by studying contemporary dance, physical theater and improvisation. He founded and curated the contemporary flamenco festival 'flamenco empirico' in Barcelona and further solidified his successful working and teaching method of the same name.

With this workshop, Juan Carlos Lerida offers an introduction to his unique approach to flamenco - a must for all those who want to expand their flamenco and explore a different side! Juan Carlos Leridas 'Flamenco Empirico Method' teaches a liberated, lustful and unconstrained approach to flamenco and creativity in flamenco. As a sensitive and experienced teacher, he teaches a guaranteed new way of working in flamenco technology and provides the tools to live his own ideas, concepts and competences in and through the flamenco. Juan Carlos shows his students the way to discover their own artistic expression in flamenco and to discover, explore, expand ones own 'universo flamenco'.

The workshop is aimed at dance enthusiasts of every level (from beginners to professionals!). Juan Carlos' specific approach allows all participants to expand their own flamenco horizons regardless of their previous dance experience. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

COURSE HOURS: Monday 10.07. - Friday 14.07.2017 every day from 10 to 13 clock

PRICE: 270 € for the early booking discount (until 12.6.2017), then 310 €


or call: 0176 84743115 (Vera Köppern), 0151 59247665 (Jojo Hammer)



This two day workshop is designed for dancers and movers of all disciplines. Together we will explore the dialogue between the dancer and the music . 
With backgrounds in both music and dance, we’ve developed a workshop format that allows participants to explore their connection and approaches to music instantaneously with both pre-produced music and live improvised music.

Jojo and Vera come from both contemporary dance and contemporary flamenco backgrounds, offering a wide perspective on the body’s interaction with music as well as an approach to flamenco’s sharp and rhythmical movement vocabulary. We will examine the music’s various layers and dynamics as we search for our independence and power within music and sound. The body’s capabilities as an instrument will be explored as we play along, with, against, and parallel to the musical instruments. Together, we will examine how we can position ourselves with the music, creating stark juxtapositions or melding the two disciplines into one. We will approach composing duets and trios with the music as a partner, explore the rhythmic body, and examine the difference between a rhythm or beat coming from the outside that would propose, or even dictate, a certain metrical system to move to, and our own, endogenous rhythms. This workshop will delve into our own archaic understanding of how our bodies can live (within) rhythm.

Jojo Hammer - Contemporary Dance/Flamenco
Vera Köppern - Contemporary Flamenco
Mathieu Poterie - Composition, Producing, Contemporary Dance Accompaniment

Saturday, April 8th, 10am - 1pm and 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Sunday, April 9th, 10:30am - 1:30pm and 3pm -5.15pm, then presentation

Prices: 90,- € Early Bird Discount until March 27th, then 110,- € 


Flamenco-workshop WITH juan carlos lerida


Juan Carlos Lerida is regarded as one of the forerunners of Contemporary Flamenco movement. He explores flamenco artistically and didactically, freeing him from stereotypes and opening up space for a personal, unique access to flamenco.
His unique way of working is reflected in the works of flamenco artists such as Olga Pericet, Belen Maya, Marco Flores or Marco Vargas & Chloé Brûlé, for whom he works as a choreographer and director. He grew up studying classical flamenco and expanded his education by studying contemporary dance, physical theater, and improvisation. He founded and curated the contemporary flamenco festival “flamenco empirico” in Barcelona and developed a successful method of working and teaching under the same name. He has been teaching flamenco, contemporary dance and composition at the Institut del Teatre Barcelona since 2002, and gives workshops on technique, composition and improvisation in flamenco worldwide.

In this workshop, Juan Carlos Lerida introduces his unique approach to flamenco dance - a must for all who want to expand their training and explore a different side of the technique! Juan Carlos Leridas 'flamenco empirico method' teaches a liberated, lustful, and unconstrained approach to flamenco and your own creativity in flamenco. As a sensitive and experienced teacher, he provides a guaranteed novel approach to flamenco technique, as well as the tools to express ones own concepts and competences in and through flamenco. Juan Carlos teaches his students how to reach personal artistic expression within flamenco and to discover, explore, and expand ones own “universo flamenco”. This workshop deals specifically with improvisation and site specific composition. We use the resources of flamenco as tools for creation and open and expand the possibilities of flamenco aesthetics and shape. We perceive the space as an effect, the music as our support, and bring our flamenco to a specific place, a kitchen, a dressing room, a courtyard entrance. We let the dance of the room influence and develop it through new impulses.
The course takes place in the rooms of PAUL studios Berlin; These rooms are available daily for the rehearsals and research for 2 hours before the workshop.


Monday 18.7. - Friday 22.7.2016 from 7 pm to 9 pm
230 € with early booking discount (until 20.6.2015), then 260 € regular booking

Or call: 0176 84743115 (Vera Köppern)
Photo: Francisco Villalta




When singing, the body is an instrument, radiating power, expression, and agility through the voice. Often, however, the intense focus on the voice seems to slow down our otherwise self-evident handling with the body. While singing the arms become strange appendages, which somehow want to be moved. So how can we remain present in our bodies while simultaneously maintaining concentration on the voice?

In this workshop, we are looking at ways to translate the power, intention, speed and color of the voice into movement, presence, expression and permeability of the body. We are searching for the ways in which the voice and body not only work in parallel, but  work, express, and flow together.
To synchronize body and voice we will work on a somatic level at the perception of the body at the muscular level, as well as the bones, joints, and tendons. We will listen to the body, observe and support its natural response to vocal movement. Finally we will work on an interpretative level with physical expression, playfulness, seriousness, changeability, trace vocal and verbal images with gestures, in a manner that supports the vocal flow.

Vera's focus is on the performative and expressive potential of organic movement, of alert, agile, and conscious bodies.

Course Times:
Saturday, March 12th, 13-15h
Sunday, March 13th, 13-15h
Price: 60 euros



We, Vera Köppern and Elisabeth Keuck, invite you to a workshop from March 4th-6th 2016!
This workshop is aimed at those who wish to expand and deepen their flamenco vocabulary.
Throughout our workshop, we will be exploring a vivid, authentic and penetrating interpretation of classical flamenco choreographies, and introducing a work of contemporary flamenco. 
We approach movement with ease and seek access to what moves us in dance. We discover the ground as an ally, the balance as a source of strength, and we strengthen our own body perception. We observe our muscles, our skeleton and small details in the body and their great effects on movements and postures - both internally and externally. We consider basic elements such as our breathing, the floor, the space, the group, the music and objects for the dance and place them in new relationships with ourselves. We examine the flamenco rhythm as well as the form of flamenco movements and sounds and place them in an organic context with ourselves.
This course is the first of a series of workshops on flamenco in contemporary contemplation, with a particular focus on the elements of physicality, improvisation and composition.

Course Times: March 4th-6th 2016 // Friday 18:00-20:00, Saturday & Sunday 1:00-4:00
Price: 110 €
Information & Registration:


Or Call: 0176-84743115


From May 20th to June 12th, Citlali Huezo Sanchez will open a LABORATORY where we examine scenic design through body and movement! In doing so, we explore the fundamental principles of the body as a presence on the stage such as centering, attention, directions, tension-relaxation and impulse-counter-impulses. We consider the body as an active presence that shapes time and space. We examine the phase before the word or movement, the silence and the immobility to discover impulses and the need for word and movement. In four 'laboratory units', we will work on the design of a common and personal gestural vocabulary: we examine the quality of movement, create movement splits, translate word, object, concept, image into movement language. With the use of new and existing tools, scene - solos, duets or group scenes are created. The lab will culminate in a joint work showing.

Course Times: May 20th - June 10th Wednesdays from 11:15-14:15, Showing on June 12th at 20:00
Price: 65 euros

Information & Registration: